Nail Clipping

Nail clips available for cats and small animals by a Registered Veterinary Nurse.


Nail Clipping For Cats

We offer a cat nail clipping service here at Toebeans Tynemouth. Most cats are able to maintain their nails themselves but in certain situations they may need a helping hand.

Older cats especially can find it more difficult to maintain their claws, they can also develop thicker nails which can start to cause a problem. 

Indoor cats may also need a nail clip once in a while. We do not clip claws of outdoor cats as they need them to climb and adventure. There may be the odd circumstance where a nail clip for an outdoor cat may need to occur.

You may be required to hold your cat if a second pair of hands is needed.


guinea pig nail clip

Nail Clipping For Small Animals

We offer nail clips for Guinea Pigs, rabbits and many other small animals.

It is important to frequently clip the claws of guinea pigs and rabbits as they constantly grow. They are kept on soft surfaces and so they do not wear down naturally and they can often curl and cause problems.

To maintain a healthy length they may require clipping every 4-6 weeks. This can vary between each animal.

You may be required to hold your pet if a second pair of hands is needed.


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